Lone Wanderer

I spent just over a week navigating and travelling Japan alone. You know all the articles (like this one) about how solo travel is empowering or life changing? Yeah….No. I didn’t get any of that. Maybe cause I am older (most of the article authors sound really young), or used to being on my own, or that I didn’t backpack across rural Asia/Africa. I didn’t feel any of that crap. I just felt like I was travelling. Maybe I am anti-social by nature, but unlike in the aforementioned articles, I didn’t make new friends either. In fact I didn’t really seen many solo travellers and the few I saw weren’t very friendly.

I even had a mini melt-down one night when I reality kind of slapped in my face. It dawned on me that this is how my life is going to be, eating, sleeping, getting lost by myself. No one to share my experiences with. Just me. Though I always knew/know that, it just felt extremely sobering. But that was just 1 part of 1 night. Barring that it was actually pretty nice to be travelling on my own. No one to answer to. Own time, own target. If I wanted to sleep in I could, if I wanted to wake up early I could. I could have lunch at 3pm and just a matcha latte for dinner (yes I actually did that). It was good. It was a little daunting on the first day, especially since I didn’t speak the language but I managed.

At the end of the day, did it feel lonely travelling alone with no one to talk to? Yes, incredibly at times. Would I do it again? I’d leave tonight if I could.

¬†Anita, is your average socially awkward introvert¬†chronicling her life. She doesn’t claim to be an expert on anything except maybe life’s ironies, experience with murphy’s law, being lost in your thoughts and to some degree sarcasm.